solapacSustainable energy and clean water generation

A versatile renewable energy generator and water treatment system that can be quickly delivered and installed where power and water is needed, delivering “grid-quality” energy and filtered water to remote sites or integrated within existing electricity systems providing renewable and cost effective energy immediately wherever the demand is.


Mobile Energy Generation and Purified Water

The Solapac is a mobile generation unit that can be installed in a few hours using local skills to deliver 3 phase, “grid-quality” power and World Health Organisation standard purified water to remote sites. It can also integrate with existing electricity systems to provide stability to the grid.  The Solapac provides renewable energy and cost reductions immediately wherever the demand is.

The Solapac has been designed to provide power 24hours a day, 7days a week within with battery storage, integrating with a diesel generator or with supply from an electricity feeder.

Integrated within the Solapac is a high output skid-mounted water purifier capable of producing high volumes of portable water that exceeds World Health Organisation (WHO) quality standards.

Providing both reliable, grid-quality power and high volumes of clean water, the Solapac can transform the health and quality of life for many and provide the means for future development through agribusiness and industry.

Set Up

SolaPac set upThe Solapac is transported in an ISO 40ft container which enables it to be delivered to site with ease. All of the electronics are installed so once the framework and modules are in place is it ready to provide.

The Solapac can be installed and operational within a day using 4 semi-skilled people.


SolaPac The MarketOne the Solapac is installed and producing energy, you are saving immediately. The Solapac is powered by renewable energy from the sun so the financial benefits can be seen from day one.


SolaPac set upBy partnering market leaders in their field for quality products, the Solapac is a reliable and sustainable energy and purified water source.

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