The Solapac is a UK innovation originated and developed by Greenheart Energy Ltd, a UK renewable energy market leader, and co-designed with Hill and Smith Solar, a member of the Hill and Smith Group, leaders in the manufacture of steel support products.

Bourne out of development work undertaken by Greenheart in the renewable energy sector of Chile, where there was a requirement for a temporary power and the need to replace costly diesel generating sets, the Solapac evolved into a solution to meet the rural electrification needs in Africa, Asia and beyond.

Greenheart worked closely with Hill & Smith Solar Ltd to design a robust, solution for the framework, to ensure that the Solapac can be installed efficiency, and by local communities, with no previous experience and tooling

Greenheart drew on its partnership with ABB and its relationship with Victron Energy, to design and developed the internal electrical controls, which are pre-wired, installed and tested, requiring minimal works once on the ground, giving the Solapac a “plug and play” feel. The Solapac is now a flexible solution that can be used “off-grid”, incorporate battery or genset back up and also connect to the “grid” in the future.

Through the development for the provision of power from the Solapac, the delivery of clean, reliable water came to the forefront. Greenheart partnered with Wananchi Ltd, an ISO 9001 UK manufacturing company, who had previously designed and developed a high output skid mounted water purifier, capable of producing high volumes of portable water from a fresh water source. This water purifier was integrated into the Solapac enabling upto 8000ltrs per hour of World Health Organisation standard water to be delivered from a renewable energy source.

After a development and design period stretching back to 2012, the Solapac is now fully functioning and ready to provide “grid-quality” power 24hours a day, 7days a week with the benefit of supplying clean, filtered water.

Of the Solapac Mike Eyre, Chairman of Greenheart Energy Ltd, and Malcolm Padwick, Managing Director of Wananchi Limited.

We are two UK Businesses teaming up together to make and distribute a world class product. Drawing together the strengths of our two innovative and entrepreneurial companies, the collaboration of Greenheart Energy and Wananchi has combined to become a force in the global market.

We fully support “Rapid Response”, Humanitarian, Civilian deployments around the world.

We endeavour to supply clean water and clean power to support those in remote and difficult circumstances who require it the most…

Our Partners


Wananchi are an ISO 9001 accredited UK design, develop, manufacture and integrate mobile and static water purification systems providing safe drinking water for humanitarian, military and expedition applications. Wananchi is a Swahili word meaning `of` or `for the people`.

Victron Energy Logo

Victron Energy provides power solutions to Marine, Industrial, Automotive, Mobility, Off-Grid and Solar markets around the world. Founded in 1975 by Reinout Vader, Victron Energy is based in Almere-Haven in The Netherlands.


Hill & Smith Solar is a division of Wolverhampton based infrastructure product market leader Hill & Smith Limited and is part of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC, a globally operating group of companies that has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1960


ABB solar inverters utilize over 40 years of experience and advances made in inverter and power converter technology that have contributed to ABB becoming the world leader in frequency converters, and also one of the largest suppliers of wind turbine converters.


Upsolar develops and produces high quality solar PV modules, offering secure long-term reliability for customers around the world. Through a commitment to product R&D, Upsolar ensures top-tier performance and reliability enabling all Upsolar products to be backed by industry-leading product and performance guarantees to ensure superior performance over the lifetime of each system.

Senior Management

Mike Eyre

European Engineer, Fellow of the Energy Institute, founder director of two regional London stock exchange listed energy companies. Executive roles in international power companies, including ESKOM the South African state utility.

30 years working in Africa, including the development, financing, construction and operations of South Africa’s first private power station.

David Eyre

David Eyre is a Director of Greenheart Energy and at 32 the youngest member of the team. His early training and competency development was undertaken at Zurich Financial Services, where he rose rapidly from a basic pension clerk to special projects manager for the CEO, implementing companywide business development rollout projects throughout the Zurich organisation.

Moving to Misys Financial Systems, a FTSE 100 company at that time, David was responsible for Client interface and service delivery to multi location financial services companies, ensuring the quality and performance of new information technology systems.

He committed to Greenheart upon its origination over 5 years ago and has been the driving force behind its development on a day to day basis. David has gained a unique understanding from the practical installation perspective of how commercial benefits can be optimised using emerging renewable energy technology, specifically to the regulated markets of the UK and South Africa.

David’s economic analysis and firsthand knowledge of installation of renewable energy in the UK is used as reference information by Royal Bank of Scotland and the Cooperative Bank, who are the recognised UK leader in renewable energy finance.

More recently David has been involved in the origination, development and delivery of a 16MWp (4500property) Housing Association project in the UK – at 2014 this was the largest of its kind, with the focus of reducing Fuel Poverty for Tenants.

General counsel for three London listed energy companies, a JF Kennedy Scholar at Harvard Business School, 15 years working in Africa