How the SolaPac Works

The Solapac pack is solar PV and water purification in a box. The mobile unit can be installed in a few hours by people with no previous experience and little tooling. Once installed, it delivered “grid-quality” power and purified water to remote locations, providing renewable energy and cost reduction immediately wherever the demand is.

The Solapac uses photovoltaic modules mounted and orientated towards the sun to convert the solar radiation (sunlight) into clean, usable energy. Once the sun’s energy is converted it can be used to power local villages, providing lighting, refrigeration, water irrigation for growing crops and agribusiness. It can be used to power manufacturing hubs, further enhancing the development opportunity of rural villages.

Should the energy not be put to use immediately the Solapac has battery storage capability so that the useful energy provided free by the sun can be used at night time or when the sun is not providing the energy requirements.

All of the electrical components required to convert energy from the sun are pre-installed, wired and tested. Once the Solapac arrives on site, the framework is removed, simply bolted together and the panels are slotted into simply into place. The solar panels are then joined together and connected to the pre-installed electronic. After this is done the Solapac is installed and ready to be operational. All of the tools needed to install the Solapac are contained within the unit.

The SolaPac has remote monitoring functionality so the operational functionality of the unit can be understood and its performance monitored to ensure that the unit is providing power where it is needed all of the time.

Once up and running the Solapac can provide enough power for upto 100 rural dwellings and upto 8000ltrs of clean, purified water per hour, all day, every day.

SolaPac Product Specifications

Photovoltaic modules: PV Inverters Inverter / Charger Batteries Water Purifier
180 x Upsolar M250P poly-crystalline modules 2 x ABB Trio 27.6-TL string inverters 3 x Victron Quattro 10KVA 24x Enersys OPzV batteries Wananchi Seon UVT skid mounted
45kWp output High efficiency rating of up to 98.2% Interface and controls between the PV power and the battery storage 100kWh storage capacity Up to 8000ltrs of purified water per hour
High Quality Bill of Materials Dual input containing 2 independent MPPT – maximising harvesting 3-phase “Grid-quality” output Multi stage filtration, Ultra Violet disinfection, integral generator, self-priming pump
Reinforced Module Warranty Transformerless topology Two AC outputs for optimum load configuration ~2.5kWh energy consumption
Special built-in heat sink compartment and front panel display system Two AC outputs for optimum load configuration Post filtration chlorine dosing to ensure bacterially safe water
ABB dedicated global support
The performance of Solar PV systems is impossible to predict with certainty due to the variability in the amount of solar radiation (sunlight) from location to location and from year to year. These estimates are given as guidance only and should not be considered as a guarantee of performance.

The amount of dwelling the Solapac can power will be dependent on the energy requirements of each of the dwellings and may be more or less than the figures quoted.